What Your Teeth Says About You: Four Humors Personality Test

Getting dental veneers in the Philippines isn’t costly and it’s mostly done to protect that very telling Filipino smile. As Filipinos, we show our smile to convey happiness, agreement, courtesy, and overall good mood to name a few. However, these are not the only things that a smile can say about you.

According to Hippocrates, there are 4 major temperaments that humans can be categorized into, namely, Melancholic, Choleric, Sanguine, and Phlegmatic, each coinciding with combinations of other factors (4 major body fluids, 4 seasons, 4 element, etc), and each telling a dominant characteristic about a person. These temperaments are thus called the 4 Humors.

When looking at another person’s smile (Filipinos are very much known for their wide smiles), you can tell general characteristics about a person using this personality categorization by Hippocrates.


People with square shaped teeth belong on the Phlegmatic spectrum of the Humors. Phlegmatic people are calm, peaceful, and emotional. They are very attuned to showing how they feel and are very good at detecting and empathizing with others. If you meet someone with square teeth, you can expect them to be very warm but at the same time be a little clingy to people they are comfortable with. A lot of Filipinos might have square shaped teeth judging by their sentimentality and hospitality.


Melancholic (from the word melancholy) are exactly as they are depicted: quiet, reserved, wise, and analytical. People with oval teeth tend to appear shy despite being brimming with thoughts. They tend to take their time when faced with an inquiry but you can be sure that they will also take their time when dealing with you, but they do have the tendency to always play things safe, risking very little if none at all.


As with the very bold shape of the triangle, it is also associated with the very aggressive Sanguine personality type. Sanguines are very optimistic, active, and sociable. They like being with people so chances are, if you spot a person with triangular shaped teeth, you can expect them to be the life of the party. They are very easy to befriend but just be careful to not always take their interactions too personally especially on the first meeting. It takes time for them to really get into another person. If you want to seem more sociable, you can even get dental veneers in the Philippines that will give your teeth that triangular shape.


These people are very logical. If I’d be so bold, I’d say that a lot of Filipinos might also have rectangular teeth because according to Hippocrates, Choleric individuals are very goal-oriented and strive to achieve. People with rectangular teeth are passionate & ambitious but are also easy to anger or irritate.

If you’ve had dental veneers done in the Philippines to alter your teeth shape, we can’t be sure if it will affect your overall personality also but at least now you can read more of other people with just their smile. If you want to see what category you fall under, you may also try answering a short personality quiz right here.

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