Understanding Your Teeth, Oral Health, & the Benefits of Jacket Crowns

A smile is considerably one of the most pleasant sights to witness. It denotes a person’s pleasure, sociability, happiness, joy or amusement. As it is can be very important in convening meaning in a conversation, it is only important to protect your smile. Plus it has many health benefits like lowering stress, relieving pain, and boosting your immunity. Nowadays, there are many dental procedures that dentists use to restore a person’s smile. One the most reliable is the use jacket crowns on the teeth.

The situation of oral health in the Philippines has been very serious in the past years. As a matter of fact, data about oral health don’t come easy and the most recent that is available over the internet is the 2006 National Oral Health Survey. According the survey, more than 97% of the children in the public school suffer from tooth decay. Tooth decay at a young age can really affect a person’s smile.

To understand the consequences of not protecting your smile, let us first analyze the nature of the human teeth. When we are younger, we grow our first set of teeth—the baby teeth or milk teeth. We grow 20 baby teeth; ten on the top and another ten on the bottom. It is only natural for our baby teeth to fall out as their growth and loss really follows a specific timeline. Baby teeth provide the foundation for our adult teeth. By helping to develop the oral cavity and creating the space necessary to guide our permanent teeth into place, baby teeth act as placeholders for the adult or permanent teeth to follow.

As much as we want our permanent teeth to be really permanent, they still prone to damage, and wear and tear, however strong they may be. Our lifestyle choices as adults contribute a lot on our teeth condition. It is important to understand, that a permanent teeth can’t regrow once they fall off or are damaged.

Of course, there are several ways to protect the teeth. Dentists’ number one advice is to brush your teeth regularly. Flossing and seeing your dentist are also advisable. But these are only preventive measures or ways to maintain your smile. But what can we do when the teeth gets damaged, broken, or chipped? Do we stop smiling?

Now, a jacket crown is full porcelain ceramic crowns cover that protects the entire surface of a tooth. A crown is a tooth-shaped protective cover of a tooth that’s chipped, broken or missing. Crowns are used to strengthen the tooth when the remaining parts of the tooth can no longer support filling. A jacket crown is cemented in all remaining visible structure to strengthen and improve its appearance. The crown jacket is the solution for restoring your smile.

The condition of our smile is something that we really need to take care of. It’s a good thing that in the Philippines, the month of February is also regarded as the Oral Health Month. This is in line with the goal of the government to strengthen the campaign in the public awareness of the importance of good oral health. The campaign also taps dentists, students, teachers, other relative government office and intuition, and professional organization to reach out to more people especially those who are in the rural areas and places with little access to dental services. The campaign also includes orientation about the effectively of dental procedures such as veneers, braces, and dental jacket crowns in the Philippines setting. Last Februay’s theme is “Ngiping Inaalagaan at Pinagyaman, Hatid ay Ngiting ‘di Kukupas Kailanman.”

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